Kalani Massage & Wellness Staff

Christy Ceraso

Christy Ceraso - Transformational Bodywork

Acupressure/shiatsu, rebalancing, swedish, body harmony, polarity, reiki, healing touch. This intuitive work blends techniques, facilitating the release of painful physical, mental, and emotional patterns.

Michael Ceraso

Michael Ceraso - Transformational Thai Massage

This ancient healing art utilizes acupressure and passive stretching to free the circulation of the client’s life force energy. In addition I incorporate information and techniques from Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Polarity Therapy, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Nile Curtis - Deep and Soothing Bodywork

Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi and Swedish. Nile prefers to use all the techniques at his disposal to craft the perfect massage for each session; be it deep and relieving or gentle and soothing, or preferably, a combination of both..

Daina Fawn

Daina Fawn - Fitness Training

Daina Fawn is a certified TRX personal trainer, Stott Pilates instructor and a registered yoga teacher.  She has been a personal trainer since 2001, and has worked for some of the leading health and fitness centers in Richmond VA.  She enjoys making her classes fun and believes in helping others achieve their highest health.  Find out more about TRX training here.

Sylvie Gendron

Sylvie Gendron - The Loving Touch

Lomilomi, hot stone, swedish, aquatic bodywork. My approach to healing is unique, holistic, and spiritual. On land, in the water, or a combination of both.

Nicole Lesh

Nicole Lesh - Hawaiian Organic Skin Care

Come and experience the restorative power of the island. My focus on skin care is to detoxify, heal and rejuvinate a wide variety of skin conditions. I combine the wisdom of nature working with a local organic skincare line. Treatments include steam, exfoliation, massage, extractions and an appropriate mask.

Laura Powers

Laura Powers - Traditional Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is an effective and safe form of health care that gets to the root of the problem.  In either acute or chronic cases, oriental medicine will help ease you through whatever healing crisis life brings you.

Jared Sam

Jared Sam - Relax and Let Go

Soothe your self with a combination of ancient healing techniques: Swedish, Lomilomi, gentle rocking and assisted stretches to find a more rested, blissful you. I approach the body with holistic intent and provide therapeutic and intuitive strokes for deep relaxation.


Shakti - Integrated Energy Balancing

Brain Gym, EFT, Reiki, Hypnotherapy. Shakti has integrated tools from many energy modalities to create a unique balance. The body is cleared from blocks, distress, trauma, and memories stored in the body.

Shola Ricco

Shola - Soul Hunting

Participants are navigated through their inner spiritual space where the soul revels deep stories that illuminate life situations and eventually lead to a deeper wisdom.

Jacob Tuft

Jacob Tuft - Presence

Jacob’s unique blend of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage is characterized by long slow strokes.  He likes to work deep but in a very sensitive way that  will not take you past your level of comfort.  .

Jill Watson

Jill Walton - Psychic Readings

Jill has worked as a psychic for over 30 years. She blends her intuitive gift with a degree in psychology and a heartfelt desire to be of service.

Ayako Miyauchi

Ayako Miyauchi - Listening Hands

Reflexology helps the body regain balance and restore the natural functioning of all the body's systems.  Ayako's gentle touch will assist you to relax, unwind from stress, and open your channels so that your life energy will flow more freely.

David Shapiro

David Shapiro D.C. - Chiropractic Kinesiology

Using Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) Dr. Shapiro will converse with your body's innate intelligence, allowing your body to guide the treatment and communicate not only where the problem is, but exactly what your body needs to heal.