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Friday, June 22, 2007

Arlene Lindstedt

MoonThe beauty of Kalani stems from its tolerance and kindness towards others, diversity of thought, boldness in dedication to protecting both the environment and Hawaiian culture, its creative vision of the future, and gentleness --- wrapped with humor and an enthusiasm for life.

The accommodations are comfortable, but rustic by common standards...Cell phone reception is almost impossible; there are no TV's in the rooms; most rooms have open-screened walls or half-walls that allow for the pristine beauty, fragrances, and birdsong to cuddle you as you drift to sleep --- or wake to another glorious day...

The food borders on exceptional --- fresh breads, fruits, vegetables, and entrees that utilize the best combination of seasonings, meats, or vegetarian ingredients...

This is not 5-star resort, where you're pampered with facades and ostentatious service. It's natural. It's people helping people. The energy is positive ---- and you can just be you...

I think many people "find" themselves at Kalani. It's a good spot for self-awareness and an opportunity for you to mentally articulate who and what you are, what's important... and recognize the inevitability of change as a dynamic, unique, and needed catalyst in our lives..........

               - Arlene Lindstedt


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lori Runkle

Lori Runkle is a writer and photographer who has chronicled her Kalani life and friends with pictures and words. Thank you Lori for being you, for being here, and for sharing so much with us!

Lori Runkle
Nice to meet you; I'm Lori Runkle.

I live in a small community in rural Iowa that could be described as conservative. I'm a liberal Buddhist vegetarian who earned her college degree in world literature. When I discovered that Kalani was a top-rated vegetarian vacation spot in the United States on the Vegetarian Vacations web site, I applied to the volunteer program immediately.

What I didn't know when I bought my airline ticket to Hilo was that Kalani would work magic on my mind, body and spirit- in addition to my tantalizing my taste buds.

As a photographer, I enjoy documenting my every day life in pictures. In these albums, community life at Kalani became my subject. Enjoy the trip through my days and nights on a piece of paradise in the Pacific.


Kalani photos I
Kalani photos II
Kalani photos III

Lori's web site: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~ljrunkle/homepage.html


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kalani `Ohana

Ehulani Stephany in JapanA few weeks ago, Ehulani Stephany, a member of our Kalani 'ohana and a hula teacher, went to Japan to teach the beautiful dance of hula. She was assisted by two former Kalani volunteers, Chie Yamazaki in Tokyo and Tomoyo Kurosawa in Iwate.

Tomoyo gathered a hundred students in Iwate, and Chie gathered 20 members of a hula halau and another twenty new students. Chie said that it wouldn't have been possible but for her Kalani experiences and connection with Kalani and said "We really appreciate Kalani and the volunteer program, and the help of the volunteer coordinators. I think this program is very wonderful."

Tomoyo's blog (in Japanese) and more pictures of Ehulani's hula adventure in Japan can be found at http://alohairo.blogzine.jp/mizusawa/.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Kalani `Ohana

Healing Lifestyles Magazine
Healing Lifestyles & Spas magazine in its March/April 2007 issue named Kalani as one of 10 Eco-Getaways leading the way to traveling "Green." They say that

...Kalani both honors and embraces the environment. Elements of the surroundings are reflected in the accommodations, which include cozy cottages and tree houses. Nearby, black and green sand beaches are the setting for water sports, and the resort offers yoga retreats to develop communion with nature. A full range of body work therapies can be enjoyed in massage rooms overlooking a peaceful pond, and a sweat lodge constructed with native lava rock is accessible for healing ceremonies.

Kalani embraces stewardship of the `āina and kai as one of its core values. Mahalo to Healing Lifestyles & Spas for its recognition!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kalani `Ohana

Let's Go

Let's Go Publications, a well-known publisher of travel guides around the world, recently sent us the following letter:

Congratulations! I am writing from Let's Go Publications to commend your establishment for its excellent services to our readers. A leading budget guide, Let's Go values businesses that provide travelers with fun, unique cultural experiences at bargain prices. Every year, our Let's Go team scours the globe in search of unique travel destinations; our regional writer came across your establishment and was very impressed.

Since 1997, we have rewarded a small number of exceptional businesses from each of our guides that best embodies the qualities we value. As tangible recognition of your outstanding services, we are sending you a "Let's Go 2007 Recommends" window-sticker; we hope you will display it within your establishment with pride.
-Let's Go Publications

Let's Go guides are known for giving the straight scoop, so we're all pleased at Kalani to be recognized for outstanding services!

Mahalo to all our past and current staff and volunteers in our `ohana for their hard work and spirit of aloha!