Ocean Speaks

Authored by: 
Tiffany Manchester

Tiff the SurferIt started just over a year ago. I took it slowly at the beginning, even withholding a little bit to be honest. I knew myself enough to know that if I decided to be in this relationship I would commit to it 100%, and I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted. But in the end I was swept away. I seem to have swallowed the red pill and there is no turning back. Sometimes, when it seems like we are not connecting I feel defeated and I start to question our relationship. For a split second I’ll actually think about breaking up with her, but then I immediately remember the many sweet, divine moments that we’ve shared and I realize that leaving isn’t the answer. I just could never do it. I won’t. She is the Ocean, and I am a surfer.

She, the Ocean, is a great teacher and demands respect. Some days she is soft and gentle, while other days she is fierce and raging…but she is always in control. If I come to Pohoiki (the local surf spot here in Puna) and get my butt kicked, I know it’s because I came full of ego, holding on to my emotions and disregarding what she has to offer. Ultimately it means I am working against her because I’m working against myself. When I can be out there and let go completely of my thoughts and concerns with the world and the role I play in it, it means I can give her my full attention. When I feel the fear wash off of me and the peace settles in I can connect with her vibe and feel her movements, listening to her guidance. In these moments, ‘being’ is effortless, and the waves appear just in front of me.

She is my guru, and in this relationship I am learning how to live my life with more joy and trust in the process. When I have visions of being a pro surfer, I start looking ahead at what I want to be instead of where I’m at. She’ll tolerate my ego driven desire for a while, but eventually she’ll give me a gentle (or rough, depending on her mood) reminder to be right here, right now. And this is a reminder for me to have patience in all aspects of my life, to accept and love myself at every moment.

I understand now that the choice to be in this relationship really never was mine to make. I love her with all of my heart, she brings me peace and I am committed to her 100%. I could never leave her, I just couldn’t do it. She is the Ocean, and I am a surfer.


I love your wisdom and

I love your wisdom and respect for Mother Ocean. I will keep your words of wisdom close to my heart when I venture into Her waters soon.


Aloha Tiff, I love the fact that you are connected with the Ocean Goddess, Her name is Namaka'okaha'i........the eye's of the break...i grew up bodiesurferfing.......and would never get out of the water..unitl almost dinner time, where i grew up from, on the island of Oahu. i love your style! mahalo n aloha e.

Tiff and Ms. Pacific

Terrific, Tiff Same for me and the Sea, everyday, pleasurable playful lovers -- mer-man Richeart

going aLL* in

ah, my Heart is *touched. thank you for sharing your Beauty, opening up your Heart , and so intimately and articulately illustrating the Grace and Honor of riding the waves of Life so True*Ly. i LoVe You. ~kristal*

The ocean is my friend

My sister can write! Thanks for sharing your unique perspective of the ocean Tiffany! -Reid Manchester

Truly introspective and

Truly introspective and wonderfully written. A lesson in life. Aloha, Mom