Lori's Chronicle of Kalani Life & Volunteers

Authored by: 
Lori Runkle

Lori Runkle is a writer and photographer who has chronicled her Kalani life and friends with pictures and words. Thank you Lori for being you, for being here, and for sharing so much with us!

Lori Runkle
Nice to meet you; I'm Lori Runkle.

I live in a small community in rural Iowa that could be described as conservative. I'm a liberal Buddhist vegetarian who earned her college degree in world literature. When I discovered that Kalani was a top-rated vegetarian vacation spot in the United States on the Vegetarian Vacations web site, I applied to the volunteer program immediately.

What I didn't know when I bought my airline ticket to Hilo was that Kalani would work magic on my mind, body and spirit- in addition to my tantalizing my taste buds.

As a photographer, I enjoy documenting my every day life in pictures. In these albums, community life at Kalani became my subject. Enjoy the trip through my days and nights on a piece of paradise in the Pacific.


Kalani photos I
Kalani photos II
Kalani photos III

Lori's web site: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~ljrunkle/homepage.html


Hello,I sent my mom to


I sent my mom to Kalani... I rode my bike around there... and came across the retreat... and it felt right to send her there to rejuvinate her body, mind and spirit from overcoming a very bad cancer.

She is in love with it there.... and i feel sick I am not there. That place is magical.

Hopefully I can visit at some point... I live in British Columbia... on Vancouver Island... which is one fo the most beautiful places on earth... but Puna is magical.

I love your blog and your photos.

Thank you,